Monday, 27 October 2014

Meet one of my Tech Savvy Vision Impaired Students!

I want to introduce you to one of my students who has a severe vision impairment. To the right is a video which showcases the technology he uses in the classroom.

Technology on display are
1) A VNC connection to the smartboard so Chris can use zoom to view

2)  My student uses JAWS for Windows to navigate a word document using audio.

3) I have set up my students school email to work with microsoft outlook so that he can use jaws to easily send and recieve emails to the teacher.

4) My student also uses a digital braille display paired with an ipad to read an ebook. He can also use this digital braille display with Jaws for windows to read and write in braille if he chooses and the teacher of course will always be dealing with print! You can see in the video that i'm able to use the digital print copy display on the students ipad to see exactly what my student is reading at any time- this means even a non-braille literate teacher can assist in braille correction!


The procedures for all of these adjustments are on my blog!

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